Tuesday, 16 August 2011

39. Vanarasena's War (Devotional)

      When Rama Reached Lanka, Vibhishana sent some spies inside Lanka to know Ravana's plans. Meanwhile Rama along with Lakshmana, Vibhishana, Sugreeva and his army reached Suvela mountain in Lanka. Rama decided to halt on Suvela mountain for that night and to envision the City of Lanka. They started enjoying the beauty of gardens of Lanka. They see the city with its large mansions and seven storied buildings, including the thousand-pillared mansion of Ravana with a height almost touching the skies. There, above a gate-way of the City, stands Ravana. By seeing Ravana, Sugreeva bounced from Suvela mountain to Ravana's place and started fighting with him. He took off Ravana’s crown and threw it down on the floor. They carried on duel for a long time without any fatigue. Ravana got exhausted and decided to use his magical powers to defeat Sugreeva. Sugreeva after figuring it out, ascended into the skies and landed in the middle of monkey-troops on the side of Rama. Complete Vanarasena got encouraged after witnessing this feat of Sugreeva.

      Rama advised Sugreeva not to repeat such reckless acts in future. Then Rama sent Angada to Ravana to warn him that if he didn't return back Sita, he will be destroyed. Angada jumped into sky and landed on Ravana's palace. He approached Ravana and communicated the whole message given by Rama after hearing which Ravana was infuriated and commanded his soldiers to catch Angada and kill him. Angada fought with all demons easily who came to catch him. He ascended the roof of Ravana’s palace, which equaled the summit of a mountain in height and destroyed it. Then he rose into air and reached Rama. Meanwhile heroes of Vanarasena started attacking gates of Lanka and destroyed them completely. Demons broke the news to Ravana who ordered them to destroy Vanaras by weapons. Vanaras responded the strike with trees, mountain-tops, nails and teeth. In a series of hand-to-hand encounters, the valiant monkeys destroyed the strong demons. The remaining demons waited for the sun to se-in and re-assembled with a renewed vigour for the battle.

      During battle, Angada stroke Indrajit, his chariot and the charioteer all at once but Indrajit vanished from the spot. Sugreeva and his monkeys felt delighted and praise Angada’s prowess. Meanwhile Indrajit being invisible attacked Rama and Lakshmana with serpent arrows which confined them and made them fall on ground like dead people. Vanarasena was feeling grief thinking that Rama and Lakshmana were no more. Then Rama gained his consciousness but still bound with magical serpent arrows. He saw Lakshmana lying on ground life less and started lamenting. Vibhishana approached them and consoled them saying that nothing bad will happen to Rama and Lakshmana. In the meantime, a great wind arose, accompanied by massed clouds and lightning, whipping up the salty waves in the ocean, causing the mountains to tremble as from an earthquake. There appeared Garuda after seeing whom all serpents bounding Rama and Lakshmana fled away. Garuda offered them his good wishes and embraced their faces by which all their wounds got healed.

      Vanarasena started screaming with joy by hearing which Ravana enquired his soldiers to find out the reason. After knowing from them that Rama and Lakshmana were alive, he commanded Dhumraksha to kill Rama. Dhumraksha came to battlefield with a big army and started a fierce battle. Hanuman hit Dhumraksha on head and killed him. Ravana sent Vajradamstra, another demon to kill Rama and his monkeys. Vajradamstra and his army emerged from the southern gate where Angada, the General of the Monkeys was stationed. The monkeys had a tough fight with the demons. Angada, the leader of the monkeys stroke the terrible strong demons, chopping off their heads. The powerful demon Vajradamshtra penetrated the army of monkeys, sowing terror among them. A fierce battle ensued between Vajradamshtra and Angada. Angada assaulted Vajradamshtra with a sword making his head fall on the ground. Ravana next sent Akampana for the battle. A deadly conflict ensued between monkeys and demons. Akampana entered the battle-field and assailed the monkeys with his bow and arrows. Then Hanuman came to the rescue of the monkeys and striked the head of Akampana with a huge tree and killed him.

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