Tuesday, 3 May 2011

10. Dhasavatar - Vamanavatar (Devotional)

      Vamanavatar is 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This is continuation of his 4th incarnation Narasimhavatar. Prahlada ruled the world after death of his father Hiranyakashyapu by Vishnu in Narasimhavatar. He was succeeded by Virochan, then Sena and finally Bali. Bali was a good donor but he hates Vishnu as he listens to demon's guru Shukracharya. Guru Shukracharya was the son of Bhrigu Maharshi and Usha, the daughter of Hiranya Kashyap. Shukracharya was the preceptor of the Demons. He prayed Lord Shiva and gained knowledge of a manthra which brings the dead to life. It is called Mritha Sanjivani. With this power, demons attacked gods and took over the world including Indra's place on the command of Bali. Indra's mother Aditi (Refer Birth of Gods And Demons) was unhappy about this and consulted her husband Kashyapu and did penance to appease Vishnu. Vishnu satisfied with Devamata's devotion and born to her as Vamana for recovering gods' lost power and position.

      God's guru Brihaspati sent his son Kacha in disguise to Shukracharya. He knows that if Mritha Sanjivani is heard by 6 ears, it will loose its power. He advised his son to achieve this somehow. Kacha was accepted to be a student of Shukracharya even though demons didn't like him. Devyani, daughter of Shukracharya fall in love with Kacha. One day demons killed Kacha but as requested by Devyani, Shukracharya had to revive him. Next time demons killed Kacha and burnt him. They mixed his ashes in water which was drunk by Shukracharya. Devyani was worried about Kacha's where abouts and Shukracharya knew about all done by demons with his Dhivya Dhrishti (Clairvoyance). He said that he cant revive Kacha sacrificing his life. The agony of his daughter was unbearable for Shukracharya. He taught Mritha Sanjivani to his daughter and revived Kacha which results in Shukracharya's death. Then Devyani used Mritha Sanjivani to revive her father. Shukracharya got his life but Mritha Sanjivani lost its power as it was heard by 6 ears of those 3 of them.

      When Bali was performing his 100th Ashwamedha Yaga to establish his supremacy over heaven and earth during which he was donating brahmins as ritual what ever they asked for. Vishnu in Vamanavatar approached him as a dwarf brahmana. When his turn came, he prayed Bali to grant him a piece of land measuring three strides as alms. Shukracharya warned him against granting the request doubting that he may be Vishnu in disguise but Bali paid no heed and prepared to grant it. He picked up the water vessel to seal the charity. Shukracharya shrinks himself with his powers and sits in the spout of the vase, from which water has to be poured in Vamana's hand. Vamana understands immediately and picks a straw from the ground and directs it up the spout, poking out the left eye of Shukracharaya. Since this day on, the guru of the demons has been known to be half blind.

      Bali asked Vamana to measure three strides of land which he has to grant him. Vamana suddenly grew in size and covered whole earth with one foot and heaven with another foot and asked Bali where to put third step. Bali agreed his defeat and offered his head. Vamana put his third step on his head and pushed him to Patal (Underworld). Thus gods' position and power were restored.

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