Friday, 6 May 2011

35. Hanuman Met Sita (Devotional)

      After Hanuma's Journey To Lanka, Hanuman reached Lanka by night. Once he entered Lanka, Lankini appeared before him who is a demoness standing at the entrance of the city, gaurding Lanka. She stopped him and Hanuman had to fight with her. Hanuman hit her hardly with his fist and Lanikini fall down. She told him that she is the city of Lanka herself and according to a boon given to her by Brahma, when a vanara conquers her with his might, then a fear will come for demons. She thanked him for coming as a sign to clear all demons in her city and told him to enter Lanka to complete his task. Hanuman changed his form to a small monkey and started looking for Sita.

      Lanka was so beautiful as constructed by the celestial architect Vishwakarma (Refer Story of Ravana). Hanuman was looking all houses, building and everything. He reached Ravana's palace and entered in search of Sita. He saw Ravana and many demons sleeping all over the palace. He saw Ravana's wives sleeping in their rooms. He saw Mandodari and thought that she is Sita by her appearance and decoration. He was so happy that he found Sita at last but then he thought that Sita can not sleep so peacefully without Rama. She wont decorate herself so nicely being separated from Rama. Hanuman realized that she is not Sita and continued his search again. He searched all over the palace and other houses of demons. He couldn't find Sita. He got depressed that Sita might be dead and how he can carry this news to Rama. He thought so many ways how Sita might be dead and thought about what happens if he carry this news to Rama. Hanuman was so depressed that he decided not to carry this bad news to Rama and wanted to become a hermit and live far from Rama and vanaras. Later he thought to kill Ravana or take him alive to Rama to take revenge but finally he decided not to let Rama know this sad news. He thought to hide in Ashok Vatika (Refer Mandodari's Advice) and kill demons one by one. So he went towards Ashok Vatika.

      Hanuman was looking all over Ashoka Vatika being attracted by it's beauty. Then he thought that if Sita were alive, she will definitely be here. He searched for Sita in Ashoka Vatika finally and at one place he saw an emaciated woman surrounded by demonesses. From her radiance and manner of clothing etc, Hanuman recognized her to be Sita. It was early morning by then and Hanuman hid on the same tree under which Sita was sitting. Ravana approached there and requested Sita to be his wife and enjoy his riches. Sita rejected as usual. Ravana left after threatening Sita that Rama will never come to save her and she will meet death if she didn't accept Ravana's request. Hanuman felt sad after seeing what Sita is going through and was waiting for all demonesses will sleep so that he can talk to Sita. When all demonesses slept, Hanuman started singing about Rama so that Sita will believe in him. Still Sita thought Hanuman might be some demon in disguise. Hanuman showed the ring given by Rama (Refer Searching For Sita) to Sita after seeing which she believed him. Hanuman explained everything about how Rama met vanaras and searching for Sita whole world. Hanuman asked her to sit on his shoulders so that he can take her to Rama. Sita rejected saying that Rama should come to free her. Hanuman assured her that he will urge Rama and Lakshmana to reach Lanka with vanaras to conquer Ravana and save Sita. Hanuman asked Sita to give something as a token of remembrance which Rama can recognize. Sita gave him her jewel for the head (Chudamani) and told him a story which only Rama and Sita knows so that Hanuman can tell that story to Rama to assure him that Hanuman met Sita.

       When Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were in Chitrakuta village on Badragiri mountain, one day Rama and Sita were roaming around the forest. Rama was tired and slept in Sita's lap. Then a crow yearning for meat, began to peck Sita. Sita didnt want Rama to get disturbed from sleep and was controlling herself. That crow continued to peck her and hen Sita's blood fall on Rama, he woke and asked her who did this. He looked around and saw the crow flying around, He got so much angry and took a blade of kusa grass and chanted some mantra to make it equal to Brahmastra. Rama threw that blazing blade of kusa towards the crow. Crow ran for a long time to save it's life where as blade of kusa was chasing it. Finally that crow came to Rama and sought refuge. Rama gave it protection and said that weapon left by him can not be reversed. Crow told him that he can take his right eye to which Rama agreed. Blade of kusa struck the crow on right eye. Sita told Hanuman to narrate this story to Rama and ask him how he can forgive Ravana who took Sita away from Rama where as he strike a crow with brahmastra to save Sita. Hanuman took leave from Sita and Sita greeted him to have a safe journey.


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