Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3. Dhasavatar - Matsyavatar (Devotional)

      Matsyavatar is 1st incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It was time when deluge has to occur and a new cosmic cycle should start. Lord Brahma's duty is to destroy the world with a deluge and start a new cosmic cycle by creating all creatures. He should give Vedas (scriptures about way of life) to human after creation. Without vedas, it is impossible to create new cosmic cycle. Every time new cosmic cycle creates, someone from before cycle will lead new cycle who will be called as Manu of that new cosmic cycle. This time it happened like a demon called Hayagreeva stole vedas from Lord Brahma and went to ocean and hid in depth thinking that he will be eternal having vedas in stomach.

      Lord Vishnu took duty to save vedas from demon to help starting new cosmic cycle. So he took a form of fish(Matsyavatar) and started looking for Hayagreeva. At the same time he was checking for a suitable person to be Manu for new cosmic cycle.

      The king of pre-ancient Dravida and a devotee of Vishnu, Satyavrata was suitable person to be Manu but his karma was not sufficient for that responsibility. So Lord Vishnu wanted to test him before choosing. One day he was washing his hands in a river when a little fish swam into his hands and pleaded with him to save its life. He put it in a jar, which it soon outgrew. He then moved it to a tank, a river and then finally the ocean but to no avail. The fish then revealed himself to be Vishnu and told him that a deluge would occur within seven days that would destroy all life. Therefore, Satyavrata was instructed to build a big ship and take "all medicinal herbs, all the varieties of seeds, and accompanied by the seven saints” along with the serpent Vasuki and other animals. Lord Vishnu promised him that he will be there after seven days to save them all.

      With in these seven days Satyavrata did exactly as Lord Vishnu instructed. Meanwhile Lord Vishnu found Hayagreeva and ripped him apart to get vedas. After seven days Lord Vishnu met Satyavrata at same place. Vasuki was used as the chain to attach the ship to Matsya's 'horn'. Lord Vishnu swam pulling the ship to Himavath mountains. There Satyavrata and others saved themselves from deluge. After the devastation ended, new life began on earth.

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